A legendary history

Our history, paints a meaningful portrait of a brand that fully appreciates the value of tradition and how it can keep us grounded while propelling us forward. Over the years we have preserved all the most valuable features of the real Made in Italy: quality, hand-made working and passion for details.
Key elements that have made the brand Il Gergo worldwide.


The birth of a visionary

The Spernanzoni family tree can be traced back to 1955 when Vittorio Spernanzoni, the company founder’s great-grandfather, was born in Morrovalle (Mc), Italy, a town that has been known for its thriving leather and footwear industry. Vittorio Spernanzoni after the World War II, began working in small workshops as a shoemaker.

1936 - Gergo


Modest beginnings

In a small workshop in Morrovalle (Mc) Italy, Vittorio Spernanzoni, decided to set up a small factory, marking the official birth of Vittorio Spernanzoni Shoes.

1965 - Gergo


Growth and awards

These first few decades would prove crucial to the growth of the company as the number of orders continued to rise, developing in stride with the end of the World War II boom and the rise of factory industrialisation. In the middle of 1970s,Vittorio Spernanzoni turned his eye to foreign markets and began to lay the foundations for its export business. The growing success of the Europe footwear industry during this time would open the company’s eyes to the vast potential of this new market.

1975 - Gergo


Years of changements

In 1985, the company moved to a new larger workshop to support the growing demand of Vittorio Spernanzoni shoes, where today the ready-to-wear line is designed and made by hand.

1985 - Gergo
1990 - Gergo


A meeting with fashion brands

The passion and knowledge of his job allow the company to establish itself as one of the best workshops in the world. Vittorio Spernanzoni becomes partners of some of the best brands in international fashion.


Il Gergo, how it all began

In 1995, Vittorio Spernanzoni launched his new brand shoe Il Gergo.  Its rich heritage is reinforced by timeless qualities of craftsmanship, service and style - attributes that are now available to a wider international Il Gergo audience. The company continues to maintain its bespoke shoe-making tradition in Morrovalle (Mc), while also retaining core bespoke principles in the manufacture of its expanding ready-to-wear collection of shoes and leather goods.

1995 - Gergo


Changes within

The first years of 21st century saw great changes in terms of the corporate environment. In 2001 Vittorio delivering his knowledge and passion to his sons, Lorella, Enrico and Roby.

2003 - Gergo


The dynamic decade

The roaring two-thousands year saw major upheaval in terms of lifestyle, culture and fashion. In 2010, Il Gergo opened its first boutique in Rome and Milan introducing the brand’s first accessories. In 2011, the company strengthened its foreign presence even further by opening its very first store abroad in Moscow

2010 - Gergo
2010 - Gergo
2015 - Gergo



The company celebrates its first fifty years, creating a real school of hand-made shoes, a training project for young people who wants to lean the art of making handmade shoes.

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